This is Paddy, who basically runs the pub. He can’t serve you beer or whiskey because his thumbs don’t work… because, as you can see, he has none… because Paddy is a dog. So he hired his live-in cleaner John Patrick Mooney to serve the beers and the whiskies.

This is beer. Beer is great any time of day. There are many different types of beer. We don’t sell every beer in the world, but we do have some good ones. If you like beer, you’ll really like two beers. We recommend you chase beer with whiskey.

This is whiskey. Whiskey is made in a variety of countries but of course Ireland make the best whiskey… and if you say otherwise you are wrong. To show that our whiskey is better than whisky we added an ‘e’. If you like ice with your whiskey we have lovely homemade ice; but don’t bother asking for the recipe… it’s a secret.